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254 Days And 4064 Orbits

JSAT represented a significant leap forward in the realm of Earth observations. Its primary mission was to test a cutting-edge HILAR (Hyperspectral Imaging with Linear Array Readout) Hyperspectral Camera, showcasing our commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of space-based imaging technology. Throughout its operational lifespan, JSAT completed 4064 orbits over a span of 254 days.

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Infinity Space JSAT
Paving the Way for SerenSat

During its extensive mission duration, JSAT collected a wealth of data and imagery utilising its state-of-the-art HILAR hyperspectral camera. This data was instrumental in various scientific endeavors, including environmental monitoring and agricultural assessments. It allowed us to pave the way for our next generation SerenSat mission.

The successful completion of 4064 orbits demonstrated Infinity Space's ability to design, deploy, and operate a highly functional CubeSat, showcasing our proficiency in managing space missions with precision and excellence. JSAT's mission aboard the CubeSat platform not only exemplified technological innovation but also highlighted the increasing accessibility of space for research and commercial purposes. As a compact satellite, JSAT represented a cost-effective solution for conducting experiments and collecting data in orbit.

Infinity Space Technology

JSAT Spacecraft Specifications

CubeSat Size: 1U
Payload Volume: 0.2U
Payload Average Power: 200mW
Peak Power Generation: 420mW
Payload: Hyperspectral Imaging with Linear Array Readout Camera
Antenna: 100MHz UHF dipole antenna
Data storage: 128 Mb NOR Flash
Payload Data Downlink:1.4Gb/s (UHF)
Magnetorquers Dipole Moment: 0.25A.m^2
Onboard GPS: NovAtel OEM719

Infinity Space Technology

Our First Downlink from JSAT

We reached a historic milestone on Christmas Eve 2019 with the inaugural downlink from JSAT, marking a monumental leap in space exploration for our team. Capturing a breathtaking snapshot of the Pacific Ocean, this moment symbolised the dawn of our new era in satellite technology. With this transmission, we unveiled our commitment to unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos while bringing the wonders of space closer to Earth. This significant achievement underscored our teams dedication to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and exploration, heralding a future where the stars are within reach.

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JSATs Odyssey with HILAR Hyperspectral Camera

Throughout its 254-day journey, JSAT provided invaluable insights into the capabilities of the HILAR Hyperspectral Camera, demonstrating its effectiveness in capturing high-resolution imagery across a wide range of spectral bands. This data was instrumental in advancing our understanding of Earth's surface characteristics, vegetation health, and atmospheric composition.

JSAT's mission serves as a testament to the potential of small satellites to revolutionise Earth observation and contribute to scientific research and commercial applications. By harnessing the power of innovative technologies like the HILAR Hyperspectral Camera, Infinity Space continues to drive progress in space exploration and expand our understanding of the world we live in.

Infinity Space Technology

Pushing the Boundaries of Earth Observation

JSAT embarked on a remarkable journey with the groundbreaking HILAR Hyperspectral Camera, showcasing unparalleled innovation and advancement in Earth observation. Bolstered by its compact size, JSAT boasted an average power consumption of a mere 200mW, a testament to its efficient design and energy management systems. However, what truly set JSAT apart was its impressive peak power generation capability of 420MW, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the harshest of space environments.

Infinity Space Technology

Collaborative Endeavors

The creation of JSAT was made possible through collaborative endeavors with six partners organisations across the space industry. From academic institutions to diverse expertise converged to contribute to the realisation of JSAT's mission. Diverse expertise converged to contribute to the realisation of JSAT's mission, underscoring the power of cooperation in pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

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A Catalyst for Future Exploration

JSAT's success serves as a catalyst for future exploration and innovation. Its capabilities not only enhance our understanding of Earth but also inspire the development of next-generation CubeSats and satellite technologies as a testbed for our more advanced SerenSat mission.

JSAT not only serves as a pioneering Earth observation CubeSat but also functions as the testbed for SerenSat, the next generation 2U CubeSat developed by Infinity Space. This unique role positions JSAT at the forefront of innovation, facilitating the advancement of satellite technology for future missions.

Infinity Space Technology

Integration of SerenSat Technology

As the testbed for SerenSat, JSAT incorporates and evaluates cutting-edge technologies that will be deployed on the larger 2U CubeSat. Our engineers use JSAT's platform to assess the performance and reliability of SerenSat's systems, ensuring seamless integration and functionality in space. By serving as the testbed for SerenSat, JSAT plays a pivotal role in paving the way for the success of the next-generation CubeSat. Lessons learned from JSAT's operation guide the development of SerenSat, ensuring that it will be equipped to fulfill its mission objectives with efficiency and reliability.

Infinity Space Technology
Infinity Space Technology