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SerenSat Agricultural Analytics CubeSat

Our 2U SerenSat Cubesat is being developed to be deployed into 720km polar orbit in Q2 of 2026. SerenSat is equipped with a total of three camera, an infrared camera, a multispectral camera, and a hyperspectral imaging camera. The data collected form the foundation of our data-driven approach to precision farming and the develop of our AgriSense platform. SerenSat is designed to provide real-time monitoring of crop health, soil conditions, water resources, and weather patterns. By analysing this data, farmers gain actionable insights to optimise their agricultural practices. Precise irrigation schedules, targeted fertilisation, and early pest detection to help farmers make informed decisions to maximise yield and reduce waste.

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A Sustainable Approach to Water Resource Management

The multispectral and hyperspectral imagers aboard our SerenSat CubeSat will capture detailed information about crop health. By analysing the reflected light from plants, our system can detect early signs of stress and nutrient deficiencies, enabling timely interventions to promote healthier crops and improve overall yield. Moreover, our cutting-edge yield prediction models empower farmers to plan their harvests effectively and streamline their supply chains.

Our CubeSat will play a vital role in monitoring weather patterns and climate changes. With real-time weather data, farmers can receive early warnings about extreme weather events, such as storms, floods, or droughts. Armed with this knowledge, farmers can take proactive measures to protect their crops and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Infinity Space Technology

SerenSat Spacecraft Specifications

CubeSat: Infinity Space NextStar 2U Chassis
Payload Volume: 1.2U
Payload Average Power: 800mW
Peak Power Generation: 2W
Primary Payload: Multispectral Imaging Sensor
Secondary Payload: Hyperspectral Imaging with Linear Array Readout Hyperspectral Camera
Tertiary Payload: Thermal Infrared Imaging Sensor
Antenna: 437 MHz UHF dipole antenna
Data storage: 128 Mb NOR Flash
Payload Data Downlink:2.4Gb/s (UHF)

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Mission Objectives and Scientific Goals

Our SerenSat Mission is poised to revolutionise the way we gather and utilise satellite data for agriculture. This innovative CubeSat offers high-resolution, real-time imagery, and vital weather information, providing invaluable insights for farmers and agricultural automation.

What sets SerenSat apart is its seamless integration with agricultural drones and robots, enabling them to access this data in real-time. As these autonomous devices harness the wealth of information at their disposal, they can make data-driven decisions on the fly, optimising their routes to target specific areas in need of attention, be it pest infestations, water stress, or nutrient deficiencies. SerenSat represents a game-changing advancement in precision agriculture, empowering farmers and technology alike to work hand-in-hand for a more sustainable and productive future.

Infinity Space Technology

Tranciever Specifications

System overview: Single 5V DC input with low noise 3.3V and 4.2V rails
UART Systems interface: Transmit power consumption: 5.12 W and receive power consumption 0.24 W
Communication Parameters: 25 kHz bandwidth
Payload Data Downlink:2.4Gb/s (UHF)
AES-128 uplink: AES-128 encrypted downlink

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System Communication Specifications

The system operates seamlessly with a single 5V DC input, maintaining low noise levels on its 3.3V and 4.2V rails for stable performance. The UART systems interface is characterized by a transmit power consumption of 5.12 W and a remarkably efficient receive power consumption of 0.24 W, contributing to energy-conscious operation. Communication parameters are optimized with a 25 kHz bandwidth, ensuring reliable data transfer.

The payload data downlink capability reaches 2.4 Gb/s through UHF, demonstrating high-speed and efficient communication capabilities. Additionally, the system incorporates an AES-128 encryption for uplink data, reinforcing security measures and safeguarding sensitive information during downlink transmission.

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Propelling Wales as a Space-Faring Nation

One of SerenSats objectives is that it aims to become the first CubeSat to reach space that will be 100% designed and built in Wales. As the first CubeSat designed and built entirely in Wales prepares for its odyssey, it symbolises our nation's entry into the frontier of space exploration. With each meticulously assembled component, Wales inches closer to joining the ranks of countries with a presence in space. SerenSat is a testament to Welsh ambition, innovation, and the collective dream of becoming a space-faring nation on the global stage.

SerenSat CubeSat Platform

SerenSat CubeSat Platform incorporates a sophisticated TT&C module for seamless communication with ground stations, enabling real-time data retrieval and command execution. Its advanced avionics module ensures precise mission control, while the altitude control module guarantees accurate positioning for Earth observation and environmental monitoring.

Infinity Space cubesat
Infinity Space Technology

On Board Avionics Specifications

The system is equipped with a Texas Instruments TMS570 microcontroller, ensuring robust processing capabilities. Its external memory features a 128 Mb NOR flash, providing ample storage for efficient data handling. The file uplink and downlink protocol are facilitated through the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol, promoting seamless communication. A bootloader is incorporated, enabling over-the-air firmware updates using the CFDP protocol. The non-volatile configuration table is capable of storing up to three tables in MRAM, ensuring persistent and reliable data retention. Operating on FreeRTOS v10, the system benefits from a reliable real-time operating system. Additionally, an integrated NovAtel OEM719 GNSS receiver enhances the system's navigational capabilities.

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Revolutionising Farming and Agriculture with SerenSat

We are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Our satellite data will facilitate monitoring of agricultural land use practices.

Our SerenSat Cubesat is dedicated to propelling modern agriculture into the future. By merging space technology with farming practices, we empower farmers with real-time data and insights, leading to increased productivity, enhanced resource management, and sustainable agricultural practices. Our mission is to contribute to global food security, climate resilience, and environmental conservation, ensuring a prosperous future for agriculture and the world.

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Power System Specifications

Day Time Efficiency: 87% average
Night Time Efficiency: 70% average
Power Distribution Voltage Accuracy: ±3%
Short Circuit Protection: Latch Off, under 5us
Transient Recovery Time: 150us
Deployment Timer: 30 minute deployment timer
Requirements for Lithium-ion Batteries Applicable to CubeSats & Small Satellites on the Vega Launch Vehicle

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Optimising Farming with Real-time SerenSat Satellite Data

AgriSense enables farmers to access real-time satellite imagery and analytics through our user-friendly platform. By monitoring crop growth patterns, identifying potential issues, and predicting yields, farmers can proactively address challenges and improve overall farm management. Our data-driven approach empowers farmers to respond swiftly to changing conditions, making their operations more resilient and productive.

As a leader in digital agriculture, AgriSense goes beyond satellite data by integrating IoT farm devices into our platform. We offer seamless monitoring of weather stations, soil moisture sensors, and other connected devices. This comprehensive approach enables farmers to monitor crucial farm metrics remotely, analyse trends, and adjust their strategies accordingly. With AgriSense, embracing smart farming practices has never been more accessible.

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Data-Driven Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Our platform provides farmers with comprehensive data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence. From identifying crop stress indicators to understanding field variability, AgriSense equips farmers with the knowledge needed to optimise resource allocation, minimise waste, and respond proactively to potential challenges. With our data-driven approach, you can take control of farming operations and unlock the full potential of agricultural land.

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By harnessing the unprecedented capabilities of satellite technology, Agrisense revolutionises farming practices with real-time insights. Our innovative CubeSat technology delivers instant access to critical data on crop health, soil quality, and environmental dynamics. This invaluable information equips farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimise resource allocation, and ultimately elevate their crop yields.

Our satellite system offers comprehensive insights into water and nutrient status, enabling strategic crop nutrition planning and precise in-season irrigation. This synergy of satellite constellations, cutting-edge payloads, and advanced launch techniques amplifies connectivity and observational prowess, empowering agriculture as never before. As we seamlessly integrate these innovations with intelligent computing, robust data infrastructure, and sophisticated analytics, Agrisense stands as a testament to effective technology fusion in agriculture.

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Precision Canopy Analysis with AI Technology

Unleashing the power of data, our comprehensive solution offers unparalleled insights into canopy surfaces, enabling farmers to maximize productivity, combat pest and disease threats, and optimize chemical application strategies with pinpoint accuracy. Experience the next frontier of agricultural management with Agrisense, our innovative platform that goes beyond traditional analysis. By providing detailed assessments of canopy structure, including leaf area index, biomass, and growth stage, we empower farmers to make informed decisions at every step of the farming cycle. With our AI-driven platform, the future of agriculture is within reach.

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Agricultural Insights with Spatial Information and Earth Observation Data

Spatial information stands as a cornerstone in advancing crop management and resource allocation, and in this pursuit, Infinity Space's cutting-edge Earth Observation technology takes center stage. Precise and current crop mapping opens doors for government and research institutions to effectively monitor agricultural practices. For growers, it offers a deep understanding of crop status, yield projections, and the targeted application of essential inputs, be it fertilisers, growth regulators, or fungicides.

Among the prime interests in agriculture is yield prediction, where various models have been tailored for crops like wheat, maize, sugar beet, and potatoes. These models rely on ground measurements such as tiller count, leaf area index, crop height, and weed presence throughout the year, subsequently correlated with historical yield data for forecasting. Earth Observation-derived parameters, including high-resolution weed infestation data and vegetation indices for leaf area index inference, are progressively integrated into these models.

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Serensats HILAR Hyperspectral Camera

SerenSat has an onboard HILAR (Hyperspectral Imaging with Linear Array Readout) Hyperspectral Camera, which represents a breakthrough in imaging technology, offering unparalleled spectral resolution and sensitivity. With its linear array readout system, this cutting-edge camera captures detailed spectral information across a wide range of wavelengths, enabling precise analysis in various fields such as environmental monitoring, agriculture, and remote sensing. Equipped with advanced features and robust performance, the Serensat HILAR Hyperspectral Camera is poised to revolutionise the way we perceive and understand the world around us.

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Precision Agriculture at New Heights

Through the development of the SerenSat AgriSense CubeSat, farmers can make informed decisions with unprecedented accuracy, optimise resource allocation, and elevate their crop yields. The Agrisense CubeSat stands as a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and agricultural excellence, propelling the industry into a new era of sustainable and efficient practices.

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Seamless Integration and Easy-to-Use Platform

Our Agrisense platform is being designed to integrate effortlessly with existing farm management systems and IoT devices, eliminating any compatibility concerns.

The intuitive interface ensures that farmers of all technical backgrounds can navigate the platform with ease. Whether accessing satellite imagery, monitoring IoT farm devices, or controlling agricultural drones, AgriSense offers a unified and user-friendly environment. With us, harnessing the power of technology for your farm has never been simpler.

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Sustainable Agriculture for a Greener Future

As a responsible leader in the digital agriculture industry, AgriSense is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices. By enabling precise resource management and reducing unnecessary inputs, our solutions contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural activities. AgriSense supports eco-friendly farming techniques that prioritise soil health, water conservation, and biodiversity preservation. Together, we can cultivate a greener future for generations to come while ensuring food security and environmental stewardship.

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