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Lunar Falcon

Lunar Falcon represents the cutting edge of space exploration technology. Our 8U CubeSat, is equipped with an advanced hall-effect ion thruster and is set to embark on a historic mission to orbit the moon. The inclusion of an ion thruster on Lunar Falcon marks a significant leap in the capabilities of CubeSats. Unlike traditional chemical propulsion, the ion thruster offers efficient and continuous thrust, allowing the CubeSat to make precise maneuvers and extend its mission lifespan. This technology is poised to revolutionise small satellite missions, enabling them to venture farther into space and undertake complex orbital operations.

Infinity Space Technology

Mission Specifications

CubeSat: Infinity Space NextStar 8U Chassis
Mass: 4.5 kg
Power Generation: 7W
Peak Power Generation: 8W
Pointing Accuracy: Up to 2° (Advanced Attitude Determination and Control System)
Communication: TT&C (VHF/UHF): 9.6 kbps uplink and downlink Payload Data Downlink: 4.3 Mbps (S-Band)
Propulsion: A single 10mN Ion Thruster with xenon propellant

Infinity Space

Embarking on a Celestial Odyssey

Lunar Falcon's mission is defined by its outstanding power generation and propulsion system, which allows it to operate well beyond the initial 60-day timeframe. This extended mission duration offers the potential for a substantial increase in valuable data collection, limited only by the availability of power and propellant resources. This remarkable adaptability and efficiency make Lunar Falcon a pivotal asset for scientific research and exploration.

This extended operational capability of Lunar Falcon opens the door to unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery. Researchers can take full advantage of the extended mission to delve deeper into cosmic mysteries, track long-term celestial events, and explore new facets of the universe. Lunar Falcon's mission duration provides a reliable platform for conducting long-term experiments and making continuous observations, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge in the field of space science.

Infinity Space Technology

Mission Duration and Flexibility

Lunar Falcon's mission duration is carefully planned for a minimum of 2 lunar orbits, which equates to approximately 60 days of scientific observations and data collection. This timeframe ensures a comprehensive study of the moon's surface and its surrounding environment. However, what sets this mission apart is its built-in flexibility.

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Lunar Falcon's Extended Mission Potential

By maximising the use of power and propellant resources, Lunar Falcon exemplifies the importance of resource conservation, emphasising the necessity of efficient operations in the challenging and resource-constrained environment of space. This approach promotes the long-term sustainability of space missions and sets a standard for future endeavors.

Lunar Falcon's extended mission duration also has the potential to inspire and engage the public in the wonders of space exploration. The continuous stream of data and discoveries it captures can captivate space enthusiasts and ignite the curiosity of the next generation. Lunar Falcon's mission serves as a definitive testament to the exciting possibilities that await us as we venture deeper into the cosmos, ultimately encouraging the pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and fostering a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

Infinity Space Technology

Technology Demonstration: Advancing Small-Scale Space Exploration

Lunar Falcon's mission extends beyond its scientific goals; it also serves as a significant technology demonstration. The compact 8U CubeSat's successful deployment and operation in lunar orbit, coupled with its miniature ion thruster this showcases the potential of small-scale spacecraft for deep space exploration.

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Pioneering Lunar Exploration

Lunar Falcon represents a groundbreaking leap in lunar exploration as a compact 8U CubeSat. Outfitted with cutting-edge Hall effect ion thruster technology, this spacecraft is poised to embark on a mission into lunar orbit, unlocking the mysteries of Earth's closest celestial neighbor.

Lunar Falcon's scientific endeavors extend beyond exploration, aiming to unlock the secrets of the Moon's composition, terrain, and gravitational forces. The data gathered by this compact spacecraft promises to contribute substantially to scientific advancements, fostering a more profound comprehension of lunar dynamics and, by extension, the broader cosmos.

Infinity Space Technology

Propelling the Future with our Hall Effect Ion Thruster Technology

At the heart of Lunar Falcon's innovation lies its utilization of Hall effect ion thruster technology. This advanced propulsion system propels the CubeSat through the challenges of space, paving the way for enhanced maneuverability, extended mission durations, and a deeper understanding of lunar dynamics.

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Unveiling Lunar Mysteries. Lunar Falcon's Mission Objectives

Lunar Falcon's primary mission is to unravel the mysteries concealed within the lunar realm. Positioned in lunar orbit, this compact spacecraft aims to capture valuable data, contributing to our knowledge of the Moon's composition, terrain, and gravitational forces. Lunar Falcon marks a significant stride in our continuous quest for cosmic exploration and understanding.

Lunar Falcon serves as an inspiration for future space exploration missions. Its successes and the knowledge gained pave the way for more ambitious ventures, fueling humanity's relentless pursuit of understanding the cosmos. This mission marks not just a stride but a beacon guiding our path toward a future where the mysteries of the universe are unveiled.

Infinity Space Technology
Infinity Space Technology

Infinity Drive Ion Thruster Technology

The incorporation of novel magnetic lensing and circuitry optimises thruster performance, while advanced materials enable operation in extreme conditions. The Infinity Drive Thruster not only embodies the culmination of our research but also sets the stage for a new era of efficient, reliable, and versatile space propulsion systems.

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Innovation and Efficiency

Infinity Drive Ion Thruster Technology has been developed to deliver unparalleled efficiency for long-duration space travel. Our thrusters are designed to transform the possibilities of interplanetary and interstellar missions, ensuring reliable propulsion and extended operational lifetimes of CubeSat missions and enhance their capabilities for performing deep space missions.

This high-performance ion propulsion system generates 1.27 kW of power while achieving an exhaust velocity of 32 km/s. With a specific impulse (ISP) rating of 2100 seconds, it demonstrates exceptional fuel efficiency. The system delivers a reliable thrust of 29 mN, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of space missions. Whether for deep space exploration or satellite manoeuvres, the Infinity Drive Thruster offers a powerful solution for next-generation propulsion needs.

Infinity Space Technology

Infinity Spaces Ion Propulsion

Infinity Drive operates with an input power of 400W, generating a 96% thrust efficiency, showcasing its remarkable propulsion capabilities. This technology sets a new standard in performance for spacecraft operating with less than 500W of power. Featuring an exhaust velocity of 32 km/s, a specific impulse (ISP) of 2100s, and a precise thrust of 29 mN

Infinity Space Technology