Infinity Space Technology

WHERE the new frontier BEGINS

We are developing four space missions, GeoSat, Lunar Falcon, Mars Solar Hawk and the Phoenix Star Hauler. These missions leverage modular CubeSat technology to conduct both space-based scientific research and develop enhanced capabilities for enhancing life on Earth. By employing compact and versatile CubeSats, these missions will push the boundaries of scientific exploration and contribute to advancements that benefit our planet.

Infinity Space Technology

Marking 10 Years building CubeSat Missions

March 2023 marks 10-years since we started first building CubeSat missions. As we reflect on the past decade, we are incredibly proud of the milestones we have achieved. From humble beginnings to successfully launching our first CubeSat into orbit, we are excited for the future of space exploration and the endless possibilities it holds. Here's to the next decade of innovation and building CubeSat missions

Infinity Space UK

Advancing Space Technologies to Shape Humanity's Future Beyond Earth

Dedicated to innovation, we relentlessly push the frontiers of space exploration, striving to render the cosmos more accessible than ever before. We invite you to accompany us on this expedition as we unlock the boundless potential of the ultimate frontier.
Infinity Space Technology

Pioneering Space Technologies for Humanity's Future Beyond Earth

Lead by a team of scientists and engineers, we are devoted to propelling space technology with a primary focus encompassing the creation of CubeSat missions and innovative propulsion systems.